The Balance

The Balance

Father Order
Sun – Seto – Goddess of Fire
Storm – Banu – God of Water
Stone – Jocasta – Goddess of the Earth
Sky – Marus – God of Air
Mother Chaos

Father Order and Mother Chaos’ names are never spoken. Father’s name out of respect, Mother’s our of fear.

Questions! Yay!

The Balance predates the cataclysm, I’m toying right now with the Titan/C.E. being a prophesied ragnarok for that religion.

In the civilized part of the world, this is the only belief system. Dwarven society is atheist. Belief in the gods and the Balance is viewed as peasant superstition by the ruling elite. It’s universally held by all of the other communities/races — to varying degrees of fervor. I’m also planning on it being a common ground with new communities and civilizations you encounter out in the Wild.

The Balance is worshipped as a pantheon, but most communities/families/people choose one god to focus on. Tales and myths of squabbles between the elemental siblings are common, generally ajudicated by the wisdom of Father Order. In similar ways, communities tend to have a patron deity that they focus on, and can come into conflict with rival worshippers — but the belief in the overall pantheon tends to keep strife to a minimum. Also, the main opposition in the world is concrete and martial, the Dwarven Empire of the Lion.

How are the deities depicted? Oooooh. I haven’t quite finished that. I’ve mainly been imagining very iconic masks for them, Sun for Seto, Moon for Banu, etc. One of the main rituals has priests putting on the masks and speaking for the gods — maybe clerics and paladins commonly wear the mask of their deity?

Worship of the Balance is not homogenous — different communities, especially in isolation tend to develop their own level of devotion. Briar, the elven community is extremely devout – especially towards Jocasta. In Rill, the druids are very focused on the Balance, but the other residents have a very Christmas/Easter relationship with the church.

Non-believers are accepted — especially since the dominant culture in the area is atheist.

I like the idea of a religious element to the ’Explorer’s Guild’ that you guys are going to join — maybe the Balance requires that the world be known, that the scattered tribes be rejoined?

The Balance are mainly based on Haitian deities, with a nice Hellenic icing. I wanted gods who were very primal and basic – and open to multiple interpretations. A worshipper of Banu the Storm could just as easily by a noble sailor or a dirty pirate, etc. Tell me more of these Aztec religion, I’ve never been super familiar.

The Balance

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