0 – The Cracking of the World

0-67 The Hidden Years

68 Dwarven Knight Alfonso Castille leads his clan out of hiding, and lays claim to a fertile basin between the southern mines and a narrow bay to the north.

69 Through the efforts of Castille’s knights more Dwarven clans are liberated from the subterranean vaults in the southern mountain range.

69-84 The Years of Brick

85 A few small communities of humans, half-orcs, gnomes and halflings are discovered. They are absorbed into dwarven society as serfs and chattel.

90 Humans earn special favor with a high ranking dwaven noble, Eban Leon. He begins to employ them as taskmasters, spies, and warriors.

95 The Night of Blood. Eban Leon, with the help of dozens of human conspirators overthrows the Castille family, and takes control of the government. The Empire of the Lion is formed.

96-128 The Years of Mortar. Human and dwarven society in the Lion Empire is functionally symbiotic. Dwarves retain rulership and elevated social class, a thriving middle class of their human vassals oversee the day to day bureaucracy of the empire while dwarves devote themselves to pleasure and study.

140 The Questing. Emperor Eban Leon II dispatches his dwarven knights across the Narrow Sea to explore the lands to the north, looking for riches and wonders in the desert sands.

143 Briar is discovered. A strange, ancient nettle that somehow protected a large settlement of elves from the worst of the cataclysm. Faced with the overwhelming resources and military might of the Lion Empire, they reluctantly become a territory of the Empire.

183 A small village is discovered by the Emperor’s Knights. The town of Rill, comprised almost wholly of half-elves. The Empire would ignore this tiny hamlet, except for the town’s one exceptional resource. A grove of orange trees, a fruit barely remembered from before the cataclysm – carefully tended and guarded by a family of druids, the only ones known in the entire world.

231 Our story begins….


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